About Us

Our Story

Some people call different times in life “stages”, “chapters” or “periods”.

We call them “rounds”. For Will, the brewing company is Round 6.

Will’s five previous rounds include Will’s time as a Naval Officer, Electrical Engineer, Nuclear Utilities Management, Engineering Consultant, then General Contractor leading us to what we plan to be our final round in business; the brewery.

Round 6 Brewing is a venture born of passion. Our love for well crafted beer and the community that appreciates it is what brought us to beautiful Blount County. After finding out the Ready Mix site in Maryville was available, Will and I jumped at the chance to set up our brewery in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Will and Kathy Wesselman – Proprietors

Meet the Team

We truly are a team. Everyone who works Round 6 has one goal, to provide the best patron experience we can. While we all have titles, it’s likely you’ll see each of doing many various things around the brewery.